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Rise Of Asmodeus

AD&D Play By E-Mail (PBEM)

Welcome to the land of Talem. A continent on a familiar world, yet an undiscovered continent by most. In the southern regions of Talem, a young prince was kidnapped after his father, the king, was murdered by his brother. His brother realising that the next in line for the throne was the prince, he had him kidnapped for execution after his coronation.

A hardy group of adventurers rescued the prince and returned him to the throne. The groups only survivors where a halfling rogue, and a Kara-Tur priest. The prince soon learned of the ancient and thought long dead high priest of Asmodeus; Rackart Flagg, who has freed Asmodeus from a long enchanted prison.

Asmodeus' plans are to conquer first Talem, then the world. With help from other evil leaders and generals, Rackart is building an army of evil. A new type of evil has been brought about, the Knights of Blood. A group of ultimatley evil and powerful anti-paladins whom are magically transformed and made into powerfull evil soldiers. Asmodeus brought with him his minions and servants of evil from the depths of Hell. All of his fellow devils, demons, daemons,dragons, undead, and much more are being summoned to this plane to pay homage to their leader, and to help conquer this plane.

A group of adventurers known for their skill have been summoned by the prince, soon to be coronated king, to help in the vanquish of Asmodeus once more. To begin with, the prince has asked Humus Giantbane, a strong cavalier of great honor and skill. Jardel Jar’axel, a paladin of Heimdall known for his strength and goodness. Talthan Akent, a ranger of noted skill and his hatred for dark elves. Kethas, a mage of high standing amongst his peers and mentor. Caladan Thalagon, a tough,strong human with magic thrown in with his swordarm to create a deadly combination. Culdat Manyfingers, a halfling rogue who was one of the rescue party that saved the prince. Da Ghiri, an oriental human priest from the same group, known for his compassion and wisdom. All of these heroes were brought together to fight this evil which is begining to envelop the land.

Joining this destined group are Ashal of Mount Barren the half elven bard, and being rescued from the demon Balazaar's dungeon, Belgrius Silvermoon a half elf with wizardly power and priestly might. Xanetia elf-maiden that is the expert with the bow and is a "jack-of-all-trades".

Many will not make the full journey (by death and/or by giving up hope), but those that do will bear the honor and glory of saving the entire realm.

But no matter what,

The realm will never be the same again...

Currently in the Game (06/23/00)

We are joined by 2 new characters: Ulf and Celenta.

We make it back to the castle at Andevar. The first major leg of the quest is over, but another appears to be beginning. Armies are being built up and the castle needs allies to help defend it. We need to help persuade the races to join the cause.

There is a banquette to be held. After a nice bath (and a chance to rest some), we are to dine with the king.

There seems to be a question as to where to go next between the party members. Humus and Jardel get into a battle of words.

Ulf - who obviously has had a little too much to drink - makes a very lewd advance on Xanetia during the banquet.

Angered at the party's actions, the king sends everyone to their rooms to cool off.

Everyone appears to have cooled off quite a bit. We all have nightmares during the night about our friends and family turning on us. When we awake, there is a letter under everyone's door saying not to be fighting amongst ourselves.

Da Ghiri is leaving the party. We now have one less cleric...

On the way East, the party makes camp. During the night they are attacked by goblins riding worgs. The party is able to quickly beat them back. Several are captured in a web spell. They are pleading for their lives.

Searching around, we find the source of the goblin raiders. There is an army of goblins and orcs (led by an ogre and minitaur). Needless to say we attack.

After a bloody battle, many of the enemy forces retreat into a cave. The heros are not too badly injured - except for Humus and Jardel (and possibly Ulf).

A new character enters the scene - he calls himself Ronan...

Yet another new character enters - and another paladin no less (oh great!) - he calls himself Cecil.

After sending scouts about, we find out that the main entrance has only 2 guards. Also, Ulf finds another entrance - way up the cliff face. Now what do we do?

Sorry for the lack of updates - time to try to quickly catch up

The party splits up some going through the main entrance, and the rest of us climbing the cliff to the other entrance. Searching the passages, we eventually meet back up. Shortly after, we come across several priests apparently gating in a demon or devil. We quickly disrupt the ceremony, but we are attacked by an ogre and hobgoblins (as well as the priests). Running them off, we try to decide what to do.

The characters:

The other party members's web pages that have left the game.

Current Quests

  1. Get the Staff of Magius for Enchantra from the demon Balazaar
  2. Get the Scepter of Power from the demon Balazaar (we now have the scepter!)
  3. Stop the evil from growing in the land

The story:

Chapter 1: Royal Invitation Chapter 2: Gathering of Heroes
Chapter 3: Company of the Seven Chapter 4: Departure from Dunador
Chapter 5: First Test of Strength Chapter 6: Happy Campers
Chapter 7: Mass carnage and death to Olar Steelbreast Chapter 8: Accusations regarding true Honor
Chapter 9: Birth of the legendary Ogre-slayer of Valmour Chapter 10: True Friendship amongst Honorable Warriors
Chapter 11: The reknown Suds ‘n Sleep Chapter 12: Drazzen Quasor
Chapter 13: Ye old Magic-Shop Chapter 14: The Enchantment of Singing
Chapter 15: Into the Caves of Wind Chapter 16: Noble Encounter
Chapter 17: Freedom at last for Belgrius Silvermoon Chapter 18: Emergence of the First Demon-Slayer of Balazaar
Chapter 19: Judged by Heimdall’s Rainbow Bridge Chapter 20: Just Punishment for evil Followers
Chapter 21: Unforseen Treasure Chapter 22: Crawling further into the depths of the Caves
Chapter 23: Danger or Revelation regarding the Sphere Chapter 24: The Sceptre of Power
Chapter 25: Leaving the Caves of Wind Chapter 26: Mortal Combat
Chapter 27: Double Trouble with true Enemies



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